What I wish I knew when I started cooking (or before I decided to start cooking):

  • If someone cooks a delicious meal, ask to pair-cook it with them next time to learn
  • Mix the pasta sauce in with the noodles, don’t keep them separate
  • Fill pasta pots with just enough water to submerge the noodles to save time
  • Homemade food takes less time than delivery (if you factor in the uncertainty about delivery times and time to choose, and do some start-of-week prep) and is way better
  • Chicken thighs can be marinaded with basically anything, convection baked for 15min, broiled for 2min, and they’re delicious
  • Zucchini and onion go with basically anything (Benihana-style w/soy sauce, in pasta sauce, in rice, etc.) IMO and my kids luckily agree
  • Many things reheat better in a stove/oven/toaster
  • 95% of the time restaurants will give you the recipe if you love a dish (esp. fancy restaurants if it’s not their signature dish)
  • Kids can be helpful starting at ~2yo chopping veggies, mixing, fetching ingredients, etc., and they eat better when they help
  • Best recipe sites: Serious Eats and Caroline Chambers

Favorite recipes